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What we do

Our name defines what we do TFA - Transforming farmers thru agronomics.

World Economic Forum's prediction is that food production must rise by 50-100% by 2050 if we have to sustain our human population, we improve agricultural output thru scientific methods. We are a commercial agricultural farm services provider, TFA employs best in class practices from all over the world to get maximum crop yield in minimum possible space consistently thereby increasing revenues for the farmers exponentially. Read more

We employ best of Israeli and Indian farm practices starting from poly houses ,to hydroponics,cooling systems and hybrid seeds.


water source at our TFA Farm

we discuss in detail with interested farmers and identify the site ,coordinate the process involved for collateral in bank for the construction and operations of poly house farming.

TFA coordinates fully with national horticultural board to ensure our farmers get relevant subsidy ,which is almost 40% of the initial investment. TFA takes care of making the site ready for cultivation by modern techniques required with regard to the site location and climatic conditions.


Farm Operations & Maintanence

Depending on the site location cooling pads,grow-bags ,coco pits,Drip Irrigation & its advantages,surveillance cameras ,exhaust ducts, modular farming grids etc will be installed and taken care by TFA.

The local farm labor will be trained and our qualified supervisor will be assigned to take care of the farm. This  ensures quality practices consistently and ensures assured returns.

Our seeds are grown in professional hatcheries in a scientific way and are brought and planted by us in a scientific way. 

Our plants are monitored and evaluated constantly by a group of expert consultants in India and Israel. Our WIFI enabled cameras not only safeguards the farm but also allows our experts  in different locations to monitor & advice best crop practices. 




Selling of Produce.

TFA not only manages the farm but also specializes in farm logistics and marketing. We have developed  a network of wholesalers , importers ,retail chain to sell the produce as and when it is required on a regular basis ,all 365 days with maximum returns to our farmers.

TFA is also in the process of setting up cold storage.

Our Services

Maximize Production

In open cultivation we can plant 3000 to 3500 seeds of capsicum,whereas in poly-house farming 15000 plants can be seeded as we grow vertically.

thru hydroponics we also have opportunity to increase production up to eight times ,crops like lettuce / broccoli are typically grown in this system. Since the height of the plant is 1-2 feet and the polyhouses is around 20-25 feet multiple layers can be grown.

Through hydroponics  system we have an opportunity to grow 6-8 times, In one acre of hydroponics we can get the around the same yield as of a 6-8 acre farm in the same cost.

TFA has expertise in hydroponics and end to end farm maintenance, TFA's mission is to enhance farmer’s lifestyle thru agronomics. Read more


minimize risks

Grow bags / CocoPits are used instead of soil to avoid soil borne infections /diseases resulting in minimum usage of pesticides. Drip Irrigation in  CocoPits helps in huge water conservation & Maximum absorption of nutrients,resulting in maximum crop yeild.

End to End Support

TFA identifies location , construction of poly house ,logistics ,manpower ,training ,expert advice and sale of total  produce into the vast growing  International / Indian  market.

Farmers get a consistent return on their crops as TFA has agreements with multiple wholesale vendors both in India and Abroad.

TFA's  cold chain logistics and marketing helps farmers get protected from price fluctuations in the market.

Embrace new technologies

TFA not only constructs poly houses,but ensures the plantations give the best yield with climate control systems like cooling pads and cooling fans.

TFA conserves water thru latest irrigation systems. 

TFA can grow crops  even without soil thru hydroponics.  

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